HTML5 Business

HTML5 Features for Business Communication

HTML5 Provides a set of tools that a web developer can use to create a rich user interface for your website without the overhead of proprietary technologies like Adobe Flash. These new HTML5 features can be further enhanced with the use of open technologies and languages such as JavaScript.

HTML5 and Browser Compatibility

Not all browsers support all the new HTML5 elements. Therefore, it’s incumbent upon web developers to perform compatibility tests on an element-by-element basis.

Many of the same forms of web communication that were formally accomplished using Adobe Flash are now possible using HTML5 instead. However, a through web developer will still provide a “Flash fallback” mechanism when needed to support non-compliant, older browsers.

Fortunately, HTML5 has been designed to gracefully degrade making it relatively easy for developers to institute fallback mechanisms to support older browsers. In the examples below, if your browser does not support the element being demonstrated you will see a message to that effect.

New Business Communications Features – HTML5 Examples

Two of most useful new features of HTML5 for business communications are the new audio and new video presentation mechanisms. In HTML5 these are implemented in the form of new <audio> and <video> elements.

HTML5 Audio

Judicious use of audio on your business website can be an effective way to present descriptive information about your business as well as to establish a personal connection to potential clients. Some businesses, such as music related services and products, also have a natural connection to audio.

Again HTML5 provides the web developer with a means of presenting audio exclusive of proprietary technologies. Here is a simple demonstration of audio presentation using HTML5.

This is the basic presentation format for HTML5 audio presentation. This presentation can be enhanced to provide a more engaging user experience as well as to incorporate branding. When presenting your audio on your business website, you should also be sure to have some effective text copy to describe the audio. This is important not only from a user perspective but also as a means to enhance your search engine optimization efforts.


Video presentations are another effective way to present descriptive information about your business. In addition, a new thought out and well-executed video presentation can serve as a way to demonstrate expertise in your subject area.

This is the basic presentation format for HTML5 video presentation. As with the audio presentation format, this can be enhanced to provide a more engaging user experience as well as to incorporate branding.

Other HTML5 Features

Other new features of possible interest to business and marketing professionals include a new graphical concept called Canvas. This “Canvas” mechanism includes the ability to allow website visitors to gain immediate graphical interaction with your information.

HTML5 also includes other new features, like local storage, the ability to create user editable content, cross-domain text communication and new methods of form validation. All of these new HTML5 features have practical business applications in certain situations.

How can using HTML5 technology enhance your business communication efforts?

So, how can using HTML5 technology help with your business communication efforts? Appropriate use of advanced web technologies, like HTML5 and Ajax, on your website will contribute to the overall user experience and provide a means to effectively present your business services and products to existing and potential clients.

Making the information you have to offer easy to see and hear encourages prospective clients to stay on your website longer and provides a positive impression of your business. At David Summer Communications selecting and implementing the appropriate technologies, along with providing outstanding copy writing services, for your business communication needs is what we do best.

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