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Marketing – Effective Online Copy Writing

David Summer creates compelling, effective copy for online marketing initiatives.

David combines his unique background as an educator, published author and computer specialist to provide outstanding copy writing services for your website. David also creates effective copy for other online marketing initiatives, including emails, landing pages, blogs, etc. In every case, David is exceedingly focused on converting outstanding copy into contact and sales.

During his career in education, as a teacher to both children and adults, David Summer developed the ability to clearly explain complex topics to a wide variety of audiences. He takes the time to understand your business as well as your clients and their needs. David will then effectively target all marketing copy to your specific audience.

As someone who is also a computer specialist with a degree in Computer Science, as well as an accomplished writer, David is able to provide you with a website that not only attracts potential clients but is also optimized for search engines. Although, there is a technical aspect to this process, effective SEO is mostly a matter of effective copy writing.

For effective SEO however, the writing must be directed at two audiences, the person looking for information and the machine that is selecting and serving the search results. David understands how to write effective copy directed toward both of these audiences, as he has done successfully for several businesses.

David takes the time to know your business and your specific business goals. As someone who has had his own business for several decades now, David understands how important your company is to you. He knows about the time and effort you put in “behind the scenes” in order to make your business a success.

David Summer will present your company to its best advantage, communicating to potential clients everything that makes you stand out from your competitors. He will help you brand your business and build that brand so clients will feel confident about doing business with you.

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