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David Summer Communications – About

David Summer is a professional software developer, technical communicator, author, teacher and musician, with degrees in both Computer Science and Music Education. After teaching for several years, David entered the software field, concentrating on designing and developing sophisticated software user interfaces for several companies including IBM and Schlumberger.

As a senior software engineer for Schlumberger, David participated in the design and development of a scanning electron microscope used in the semi-conductor industry. He wrote engineering documents, including functional specifications, detail designs and use case scenarios as well as developing software using a combination of programming languages including C++ and Perl and PHP. David also wrote and edited end user documentation for the microscope.

David also worked as a senior software engineer contractor for IBM, designing and developing software to integrate Microsoft Office, including MS Outlook and MS Word, with IBM’s Sametime server.

David founded David Summer Communications as a way to leverage his combination of technical, educational, multimedia and communication skills. He particularly enjoys helping small business owners utilize their websites to achieve their business communications goals.

David Summer Communications is based in Groton, Massachusetts 01450.


David Summer is the author of several technical articles on web design and development, including Shelling the Pod and Implementing Audio Captcha, both published in Dr. Dobbs magazine.

Shelling the Pod, describes David’s method for dynamically creating descriptive web pages for podcasts. These web pages, dynamically created using PHP, present information about a podcast as well as information about each episode of the podcast. All of this information is generated from a single source, the podcast’s RSS feed file. This method makes updating your business podcast website area easy and efficient.

Implementing Audio Captcha, describes David’s easy way for a web developer to implement an audio alternative to traditional text based Captcha. The article reviews Captcha in general, discusses Section 508 compliance, illustrates a simple front end for the audio Captcha, gives a detailed explanation of David’s audio Captcha implementation and suggests customized audio alternatives for better site integration.

David also writes about music and technology and continues his professional musical activities.

Whether you’re just getting started with your business or are an old established firm, David can help you with your website and business communications initiatives. Contact David Summer today.