Client – Mascari Piano Studios

Mascari Piano Studios – Marketing and Website Development

Diana Mascari is an experienced piano teacher and performer who has had her Mascari Piano Studios business website for many years. When Ms. Mascari decided to expand her teaching business, she knew she needed to reinvigorate and add to the content to her website, as well as preset her educational and marketing material in a way that would attract more visitors.

David has partnered with Diana in writing compelling marketing and educational copy for the music studio website. We also added a large amount of new content aimed at increasing the site’s visibility in search results (SEO) and making the website more useful for the target audience of musicians and potential musicians.

“David uses his unique combination of expertise and experience to constantly improve our web presence, resulting in an increase of revenue. David is consistent and prompt in his responses to our company’s communications. I often send detailed emails to David to get his input on finding the best solution. His replies are thorough and thoughtful, maintaining an ongoing dialog until together we find a satisfactory answer to our business challenge. David has been able to address multiple needs of my company by listening to and providing solutions for a variety of business, technical and marketing initiatives.”

Diana Mascari
Founder, Mascari Piano Studios

Being a musician himself, David has been able to assist Diana Mascari in selecting appropriate hardware for capturing live performances. David edits the all the audio and video for the website and presents it in a way that enhances the overall business theme of the website. This is an exciting ongoing project for David and Diana since Ms. Mascari recognizes the benefits of having a growing dynamic website for his teaching business.

As a result of the successful expansion of her website, and associated social media initiatives, The Mascari Piano Studios now employs four piano teachers and has two studio locations, Hudson MA and Natick MA. David and Diana continue to explore new ways to present this growing music education business to current and potential clients.