Client – Inspectrology

Inspectrology – Corporate Website Development

Inspectrology is a leading metrology supply and service company based in Sudbury, Massachusetts. Inspectrology provides quality professional metrology and wafer inspection sales and services to leading metrology companies all over the world.

To prepare for the task of redesigning the company website, David Summer met with the founders of Inspectrology, discussed their business and determined their immediate web marketing needs. David was also able to leverage his experience as a software developer having worked in the metrology field developing complex software for a scanning electron microscope.

“David Summer rebuilt our website and we immediately saw the number of web hits increase significantly and have received several orders directly as a result of our increased presence on the web due to the new site. The dollar volume increase in business paid for the web site investment more than 100 times over. That is a pretty good ROI. David was great to work with and really put in the effort to understand our business to tailor the development of our site to our specific needs. We have attracted customers world-wide from Singapore to Israel via the new site. Great job David!”

Paul Knutrud
VP Marketing and Finance, Inspectrology

David used his exceptional copy writing skills to create compelling copy for the Inspectrology corporate website. He was able to accomplish this by interviewing Paul Knutrud, Co-Founder and Vice President of Marketing and Technology at Inspectrology.

As part of the complete website makeover, David also took pictures of the metrology equipment and parts inventory at the Inspectrology company headquarters for inclusion in the website.

In developing the Inspectrology website, David optimized page titles and descriptions and included educational and industry related material in order to effectively present this innovative metrology supplier to it’s best advantage and to positively position the company website in search engine results.