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David Summer Communications helps clients use technology to achieve their business and communications objectives. David Summer provides web development, marketing and technical communications services to companies and individuals.

David has been fortunate to be instrumental in helping a number of diverse clients with their business, marketing and technical communications objectives, including Seahorse Bioscience, Inspectrology, Mascari Piano Studios, 3Com Corporation, Seventh Wave Solutions and GlassHouse Technologies.

Agilent Seahorse

David Summer provides ongoing corporate website development, and related technical services, for Lexington, MA based Agilent Seahorse. David works closely with members of the Seahorse Marketing Department to consistently add to the content-rich Agilent Seahorse website. Database technologies along with language technologies including Javascript, Jquery, Ajax and PHP, are all utilized to present Seahorse products, and related information, to a large community of scientists engaged in cell metabolism research.


Inspectrology is a leading metrology supply and service company based in Sudbury, Massachusetts. To prepare for the task of redesigning the company website, David Summer met with the founders of Inspectrology, discussed their business and determined their immediate web marketing needs. See more…

Dr. Michael Hohn

Licensed Psychologist, Dr. Michael Hohn provides Child and Family Psychology Services to children and their families in the greater Portland, Oregon area.┬áDavid had several discussions with Dr. Hohn to determine his business objectives, ideas and goals for the website. David then used his creative copy writing skills in association with Dr. Hohn to write copy for the website and to ensure positive flow. David developed Dr. Hohn’s website using WordPress and continues to work with this exceptional Child and Family Psychologist to further develop his practice.

Berit Strong Guitar Studio

Experienced musician Berit Strong performs as a classical guitarist and teaches guitar in the central Massachusetts area. David met with Berit to determine the website content that would best help her market her musical performance, teaching and recording activities. David then used his creative copy writing skills in association with Ms. Strong to write copy for the website and to ensure that the overall flow enables visitors to learn about her services and easily contact Berit. In developing this website, just as he has for all his other clients, David optimized page titles and descriptions for SEO. Especially important for Ms. Strong is optimization for local music performance and teaching opportunities.

Mascari Piano Studios

Diana Mascari is an experienced piano teacher and performer who has had her Mascari Piano Studios business website for many years. When Ms. Mascari decided to expand her teaching business, she knew he needed to reinvigorate and add to the content to her website, as well as preset her educational and marketing material in a way that would attract more visitors. David Summer provides ongoing website maintenance, and related technical services including audio and video editing and database technology services. See more…

3Com Computer Networking

As an experienced Web Software Developer, David participated in the development of the 3Com corporate website, before 3Com was purchased by HP. David worked closely with the 3Com marketing group in developing the company website, customer micro sites and email campaign initiatives. David was also able to use his unique combination of communication and technical skills to help facilitate the collaboration between the 3Com marketing and IT divisions. David also consulted with marketing and IT personal involved in planning 3Com’s business podcast initiative, providing technical advise gained from his own experiences in podcast production.

Seventh Wave Solutions

Massachusetts based Seventh Wave Solutions specializes in business performance management assessment and consulting. David assisted Seventh Wave Solutions in their development efforts by creating documentation needed to develop their software administration tools.

GlassHouse Technologies

As a Technical Consultant for GlassHouse Technologies, an IT and data storage company in Framingham, MA, David was responsible for developing documentation and multimedia training materials for employees. These learning tools enabled the integration of Clearspace enterprise collaboration software into the GlassHouse office environment. The written documentation created by David consisted of User Guides and Style Guides on how to setup and configure the software. David also created a series of focused, effective E-Learning video tutorials.

David Summer Communications provides quality business communications services, including complete website development, web marketing, technical writing and E-Learning services. David Summer Communications is based in Groton, MA 01450.

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